Testimonials on other sites are superb thanks to generating backlinks, but there’s also an equally good option that permits testimonials on your product or service to be a backlink source to your site. How so? By offering it to bloggers in your industry freed from charge. 

While this isn’t exactly a free means of building backlinks, the value is extremely minimal, and therefore the results should buy themselves rather quickly.
So what you would like to try to do is look for bloggers who do provide some reviews for products and services in your industry.
 Narrow the results right down to the foremost official ones before moving onto the subsequent step. This is where you would like to form a suggestion. 

Follow this guide: Start off with a friendly greeting, and mention that you simply were trying to find articles on your topic once you found their post. Compliment them on their content, then allow them to know that you simply provide a product or service that matches the topic. Mention what you always charge, then say that you’d wish to offer it to them freed from charge. All you’d like reciprocally is for them to think about making a mention of your business on their blog or possibly do a review. If they’re interested, they’ll revisit you. 

One thing you ought to remember of is that this method isn’t bound to work every single time because you can’t force the bloggers to write down a positive review—you’re reaching bent them in straightness. you would like to be very careful with the way you contact them also because explicitly posing for a link (or even a review) may be a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

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